Some Moving Tips

Imagine a situation - you rented or bought a new apartment or house. After this joyful event in all respects, the primary question arises: relocation.

Relocation is a complex process, involving costs of energy, nerves and money. In this article, we have collected information that will undoubtedly help to facilitate this event as much as possible.

- If the new house needs some repairs, take care of this before moving. This is much easier to do when the house is empty.

- Moving to a new home is an occupation that requires a certain amount of effort. Very rarely can you handle this amount of work yourself. To save money, ask for help from friends and acquaintances. Maybe this is not the most fun time forwarding, but then an extra reason to meet. But tell them about your intention in advance so that they can free up their time for you.

- The next step is getting rid of unnecessary things. Sit down and think about whether all the things you really need or some should be abandoned (throw away, donate, etc.). This will immediately reduce the number of transported.

- The next step is packaging. The most ergonomic will be large cardboard boxes. If you do not have such at hand - they can buy in the nearest hardware store (for example, Epicenter). Do not forget about the thick tape to seal them. For smaller items and clothing, large garbage bags may be suitable.

- Collect a separate box with things that you may need in the first days after moving to your new home. In this box should be: clothing for the first time, a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, slippers, socks, pajamas, as well as things that you still need for the first time. You do not want to spend a few hours of your precious time digging in a variety of boxes?

- Heavy and bulky furniture, such as: walls, wardrobes, bedroom set, kitchen and bathroom set disassemble. Lay out the small details of these things in bags or stationery files. Sign these packages.

- It is desirable to pack the electronics separately and transport it with all care. Bubble wrap is great for packaging. If it is not available, you can use bedspreads and blankets. Wrap them with a technique that will save it from scratches and chips. You can wrap the technique in several layers.

-Such things like glasses, plates and other easily fragile items wrap in newspapers or any paper and pack in boxes.

- Sign the boxes. This will allow you to immediately sort the boxes into the appropriate rooms. By moving such boxes to a new home, you will avoid confusion, and the move will be easier.

- If you cooperate with a shipping company, in this matter you need to study their work and conditions for a bit. Select several companies and check their prices. Choose the best. Be sure to find out the conditions for compensation for damage or loss of the transported property.

- When the moving process is started, you first need to transport the essentials. For example, first carry kitchen utensils, as you will need to eat, and they contain easily breakable items.

- The rest of the things transported as important and necessary. Remember that if you open all the boxes at once, you will get a big mess.

- After you have sorted the boxes with things into rooms, open them all. When you have all the things from this room before your eyes, you can more easily arrange the order of their placement.

- After moving the remaining boxes, packages, newspapers can save until such time as you do not need them. Cardboard boxes can be folded at the seams - in this case, they take up very little space.

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